GlobalTCG are pleased to introduce you a high end quality Fuel and Oil tanks and Bowsers manufactured by “Western Environmental” company. With its main division in United Kingdom, for 50 years “Western Environmental” produces Fuel and Oil tanks and Bowsers that are highly demanded in applicable in the variety of production areas all over the world. The offered reservoirs are manufactured according to the strong European and International requirements, and provides a very flexible solutions for the mining, oil & gas, agricultural and construction sectors.

TransCube – Road (ADR) approved IBC diesel fuel tank that can be used in static & transportable situations. From 250Ltr up to 3000Ltr. The TransCube is the UK’s most loved fuel tank! Multiple applications include: Generator/pump backup fuel tank, On & off site refuelling and many more applications.

Envirobulka – Bulk storage tanks designed for static yard & site storage of diesel fuel. Capacities from 1200Ltr up to 60,000Ltr. Ideally suited to fuel stations & lend themselves to a wide range of pumps and options.

ABBI – Road (ADR) approved IBC diesel fuel tank. Capacities from 500Ltr up to 2000Ltr and are ideally used in a fast tow/road tow configuration. The ABBI is a lower cost equivalent to the TransCube but without some of the TransCube functionality. Uses include: On & off site plant & equipment refuelling & generator/pump long run fuel tanks.

Transtainer – Топливные резервуары повышенной емкости. Предназначены для использования в условиях повышенного потребления топлива (нефтяные месторождения).

GlobalTCG reserves the right to change specification without notice. Last revision: May 6, 2019