Hotwasher Engine/Generator

Kubota twin cylinder, water cooled 12.5 HP, continually rated diesel engine (H600PHW).
Temperature range of 80-120 °C.
Engine and generator equipment and controls housed in lockable protective cabinet.
Hotwasher fitted with 2 x 300 liter (interlinked) moulded polythene tanks mounted on heavy duty galvanized tow chassis.
With its own power and water supply providing hot water, creates a self –sufficient unit which can be used anywhere.
Ideal for use removing graffiti, street cleaning, drain jetting, equipment cleaning and steam cleaning/disinfecting.
Highway unit can be towed to location and put to use immediately.
 Drain fitted for fast and efficient emptying tanks.
 Standard spec includes diesel engine pump, 110v generator, 16m x 3/8” high pressure hose on a reel and lance.
 Boiler & Control Panel  Control Panel
Stock Ref. 224
Model H600PHW
Capacity 600 ltr. (134 Gal)
Length (mm) 3020
Width (mm) 1870
Height (mm) 1730
Weight (kg) 800 (1550 Full )

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