TransTalk is Western’s answer to all your remote fuel monitoring needs to enable your business to track fuel usage across your entire fleet. Produce reports & receive email alerts when fuel level drops below your preferred alert level.

TransTalk uses a web based user interface which can be viewed on virtually any PC & mobile device which means that you can view your fleet almost anywhere in the world.

TransTalk Data Transmitters (TTDT) have the unique ability to work anywhere in the world (where 3g connection is available) with no changes to the TTDT necessary.

With a wide range of sensors available TTDT’s are able to retro fitted to virtually any tank or storage container. It is not restricted to fuel level monitoring but almost any liquid or gas.

TransTalk has HUGE ‘green’ credentials…! Why request fuel top-ups or send out tankers to refuel tanks before you need to? How do you know that there is unaccounted fuel usage? Why leave equipment burning up your fuel when it is not necessary? Act proactively with TransTalk and only request refuels & send out tankers when absolutely necessary. With the ability to data sort your tanks within your account area you are able to show the tanks that need refuelling at the top of the list!

When used in a heating application TransTalk records the outside temperature! This is able to track high fuel usage against low ambient temperatures & ensure your fuel is being used for the right purpose.

GlobalTCG reserves the right to change specification without notice. Last revision: November 11, 2013