Transtainer | TTS400

  • 110% bunded fuel storage container to comply with PPG2 (Pollution Prevention Guidelines) Regulations.
  • Manufactured to BS799 Part 5 – Construction of Above Ground Oil Storage.
  • CSC plated – made to Convention for Safe Container Standard.
  • Standard 10’, 20’ or 40’ ISO container frame specifications for economical logistics (transport empty only).
  • Corner twist locks top and bottom for ease of handling.
  • Can be stacked 6 high full of fuel, reducing transport and storage space requirements and when on location.
  • Pump, valves, outlets and fittings are all housed within the lockable cabinet which is fitted with a spill catchment sump.
  • Outlets are all top mounted to help prevent fuel leakage.
  • For additional security, hoses can be fed through any of the 4 letterboxes enabling doors to be kept locked whilst in use.
  • Quality contents and bund gauges.
  • Fast fill fuel connection c/w overfill prevention device.
  • For ease of access to container roof, a ladder and lockable hatch is mounted inside the cabinet.
  • Inner tank can be accessed via manholes for maintenance and inspection.
  • Fitted with the diesel pump option, this unit can serve as a self-sufficient fuel station.
  • Option for up to 4 sets of feed & return connections plus pump/auxiliary equipment feed.
  • Option to have fuel returning to opposite end of tank via a cooling weir (especially beneficial for generators operating in hot


Standard Tank Fittings: 3” offset fill: 1 x 11/2” Pump Feed 4 sets x 2” Feed & Return Ports: Tank Gauge: Bund Gauge: 2 x bolted top manholes: Tank Vent open to bund
Capacity (Ltrs): 60900 Inner Tank: 6mm (S355)
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 12192 x 2438 x 2896 Bund: 4mm
Weight Empty (Approx Kg): 12290 Design Approval (Frame): ISO 668:1995 CSC plated
Weight Full (Approx Kg): 63446 Design Standard: COP Regulations (PPG2) BS799 part 5 Type J, Test pressure 6.3 psi (45KPA)
Cabinet Size (mm): W=2200 / D=600 / H=2100 Environmental standard: COP Regulations (PPG2)

*Конвенция, г. Женева, 2 декабря 1972 года “МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ КОНВЕНЦИЯ ПО БЕЗОПАСНЫМ КОНТЕЙНЕРАМ (КБК)”

**Удельный вес дизельного топлива для этого вычисления равен 0,9 .

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