Fuel Tank TransCube

Transcube Fuel Tank in AlmatyTranscube is an Immediate Bulk Container (IBC) that contains from the steel inner tank bounded by the steel protective shroud. Transcube is designed in order to maximize the storage efficiency and transportation of diesel fuel and lubricants. The range of the offered values begins from the 250ltr. and reaches 18500 ltr.

Transcube is made from the structural steel (S275, S235) in accordance to ADR (UN) requirements, that provides a possibility to deliver diesel fuel or lubricants to the place where it will be consumed (constructions, harvesting or mining areas). A wide functional range allows performing refilling of the diesel consuming equipment as well as supply fuel for 3 generators simultaneously.

The container’s framework allows to stack 2 high full, 3 high empty to reduce storage space requirements.

The cubic shape of the container allows performing an effective transportation and storage. The container is equipped by the full load lifting eyes, The inside of Transcube Fuel Tankforklift pockets and internal baffles designed to allow handling of the Transcube full of fuel.

The working cabinet is protected by the lockable cover in order to prevent vandalism acts or thefts. Transcube has an ability to function while the cabinet cover is locked. Transcube has an inspection manhole that is designed for performing maintenance and inspection of inner tank.

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