Low capacity portable tanks | EASY CUBE

Industry Leading Fuel Containers
Poly in steel UN Approved IBC for transporting fuel on the public highway.
110%, enclosed, weatherproof bund to ensure environmental compliance with PPG2 Regulations for fuel storage.
Replaceable, plastic inner tank.
Easy to handle – “wheelie-bin-style” design (ECW105).
Pallet sized for optimum logistics and designed to fit in back of most pick-ups (EC400).
Unique dimensions – ideal for use where access is limited – can fit through doorways and lifts.
Capacity under 1000 liters – no ADR Driver Training required.
Stock Ref 183 176
Model ECW105 EC400
Capacity 105 Ltr (23 gal) 400 Ltr (86 gal)
Length (mm) 600 1160
Width (mm) 510 815
Height (mm) 1000 900
Weight (KG) 57Kg (152 Full ) 130 Kg (483 Full)

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